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hoopla bags


Hoopla was started on a whim about three years ago. My home was in Malaysia but my kids had grown up and returned to Australia for study. I had a full time job but I had time on my hands with no kids to chase after any more. I wanted to do something outside of my day job, I wanted my own business. 

My first making was 250 bags in five different colours. I had no idea how to sell them or how to market them. I hadn't done any market research, no business case and had very limited retail knowledge! I wouldn’t recommend this approach to anyone – a simple business plan and a little bit of research would definitely make your life simpler, I learnt the hard way.

Today we have nine different styles and more than a dozen colours. We have a team of four people working on Hoopla and a strong online sales channel. I’ve changed suppliers and I’ve moved distribution to Australia and Malaysia selling through stockists in both countries. The support our stockists give to Hoopla is phenomenal, we couldn’t have built the business as quickly as we have without them. We have consolidated our branding and we think we know who the Hoopla woman is – and we love her!

After 25 years in publishing I’m loving learning about a new industry, working with a brilliant team and meeting all our gorgeous customers. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!


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