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The Byrds are flying through to the other side…..

What a crazy few months it has been, as I sit on my couch watching the sun streaming through the window gently warming the house, I remind myself of the simple things that happen throughout our day that maybe I have taken for granted.

Our bricks and mortar shop on Union Road has now been closed for just on 8 weeks and in that time at home my only connection with the outside world has been daily walks with Harry around our local streets and the occasional delight of his grandparents having a chat through the glass windows on the porch. How we have all missed the cuddles. I think this lockdown period has really challenged me, in ways I never realised, as I feel it will have done for so many of you. However, I feel, just like the warmth through the glass, that there is warmth and life blooming as we start to find our way through to the ‘other side’ as people are calling it.

I genuinely love the relationships that I have built with so many of you over the 8 years that we have owned Two Byrds on Union and so many have become just like part of the family! To this, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives and for supporting us through the ups and downs that small business faces. Now I know what you are thinking…you are thinking that this is the part where I tell you that we will not be back...NOPE, WE WILL BE BACK!! I told you all at the beginning of this pandemic that I would not say Goodbye, only see you later. Well later is coming – but this is where the family part comes in.

We made the decision to close our store in the last week of March so that we could help to keep our family and yours as safe and protected as possible in the crisis. We wanted to make sure that our amazing little community in Ascot Vale and beyond made it through safe and well. As we have heard in the past week, restrictions are being slowly and carefully lifted but we have decided to be cautious and think about our family. We plan to take a little longer to reopen than some others, but it feels like the right decision for our family at this time. We will take the time to make sure that the shop has been thoroughly cleaned, all health and safety measures have been put into place but above all, that our family is safe and well and able to resume some sort of normality. Harry and his amazing grandparents are a huge factor in all of this as Kylie and I need to make sure that for me to come back to work, they are well and comfortable enough to take care of him again.

So that’s where we are at! In the meantime, we have been extremely grateful of how our online store has taken flight. It’s been a very interesting learning experience for me, and I thank you all for your patience and feedback. I also want to thank the dynamic delivery duo of Kylie and Bec, they have done an awesome job of keeping up with local deliveries with quick turnarounds and I know many of you have been chuffed to see their beaming smiles again. We are uploading new stock all the time so please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to get updates.

We can’t wait to be back in store and see all of your fabulous faces again and will keep you updated of when this might be – stay tuned, stay well and sending love and virtual hugs to you all,

Bree xx

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